Solar Guidance System
Miller and Williams
Non-Disclosure Statement

Dear Purchaser,

Before releasing our SOLAR GUIDANCE SYSTEM to you, this document must be signed, dated and returned prior to our mailing.
By signing this non-disclosure agreement, you agree not to reveal this method or the projections to anyone by any means – verbal, written, graphics, signs or by any other method.
No reproduction of any part is permitted, nor are any of the predictions to be shared. You also confirm that this is not to be used for commercial purposes, but for your own personal use.
This method is copyrighted and anyone breaking this agreement will have the appropriate legal action taken against them.
The assumption should not be made that past performance or results will equal or guarantee future results.
Profits cannot be guaranteed and no assurance is made that there will not be losses. Futures trading involves considerable risk and should only be attempted by those in the proper financial condition who are able to assume the inherent risk involved.



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